The Public Library for Union County has made space available to the public to exhibit and display items of artistic, cultural, and intellectual interest. The exhibits should be planned to direct the public’s attention to the materials and services of the library, local cultural and educational groups or to provide exposure to regional established and emerging artists. The exhibit space is located in the lobby of the library.


Artists and organizations are encouraged to apply to exhibit in the library gallery/display cases. Items submitted for exhibit must be appropriate to the standards set for community library users of all ages. Exhibits are approved and scheduled by the library staff.  All potential exhibitors must fill out an application and sign the provided release form which releases the library from any responsibility for exhibited items. A description of the exhibit theme and of the items to be displayed must be included on the exhibit application.  In some instances, samples of the work to be exhibited may be required. Use of the gallery or display cabinets in no way constitutes an endorsement by the library of the exhibitors or the items on exhibit.

The library Board of Trustees and library administration reserves the right to reject an exhibit if the content is judged not to be in accordance with the library’s mission or is not in the best interest of the library or its patrons.


Exhibits and items on display at the library are at the sole risk of the exhibitor.  The library accepts no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited.   If desired, insurance must be provided by the exhibitor. By signing the exhibitor release form, the artist is releasing the library from any liability for damage done to their exhibited works during the show.


Gallery and display cases are reserved for public exhibits for a one-month period.  Installation and removal of the exhibit is the responsibility of the exhibitor.  The library will not normally provide any supplies or staff assistance.  If circumstances require staff assistance, the exhibitor must schedule this assistance with the library at least one week prior to the exhibit set up date.

All exhibits must be removed on or before the closing date of the exhibit to allow the next group adequate time for installation and set up.  If exhibited items are not removed by the end of the exhibit closing date, library staff will remove items.  Repeated failure to remove exhibit items on time will result in loss of display cabinet privileges.  The library will not provide storage for the property of exhibitors.

Damage to the display cabinets as a result of the exhibitor’s use will be charged to the individual or group responsible.


Publicity for all exhibits and/or opening receptions is the responsibility of the library’s Development and Marketing Coordinator. A biography/resume, statement of purpose and photograph of the artist in addition to photos of several pieces of his artwork will be provided by the artist for publicity purposes.


Items on display may be available for sale. All sales are the responsibility of the artist/lender. No pricing will be displayed in the exhibit area. A separate price list may be printed and made available. All pricing and sale status inquiries will be referred to the artist or artist’s agent. All works of art must remain on display in the exhibit space, even if sold, until the exhibit closes. Exhibitors are encouraged to consider making a donation to the library.


Artists are invited to host/sponsor an opening reception. All costs associated with the reception (including invitations, food and beverages) will be borne by the artists. Artists are encouraged to participate in a lecture or demonstration during the show. Programming will be arranged between the artist and the library staff.


The library reserves the right to cancel any exhibit should unforeseen conditions or situations arise.

For more information on the new Art Gallery space at The Public Library for Union County, call 570-523-1172 or visit the circulation desk. You can also download a copy of the Exhibit-Display Policy, Exhibit-Display Application Form, and Exhibits-Display Release Form.